Fiche Technique de la Ville de Safi

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Presentation of the town of Safi:

Capital of the Moroccan pottery and great surfing destination, Safi is a beautiful cited spreading along the Atlantic Ocean, at the bottom of an anchor surrounded by cliffs. Safi offers the visitor a triple aspect; cited historic, cited commercial thanks to its merchant port very much alive and located on the Atlantic coast. It is the capital of the region Doukkala-Abda and prefecture of the province. Its port is one of the largest in the country, known internationally for the export of phosphates and sardines.

History of the city from the town of Safi:

There is little written about the birth of Safi, the Oussadion counter Phoenician Tip – If it seems the geographer Ptolemy – probably attended later by the Romans, it appears in the Arabic texts under the name of Asfi, from the 11th century, it was a small port of local interest. With the arrival of the Portuguese as early as 1480, the city became a trading post of first plan. The town of Safi was taken over by the Saadians in 1541. The reign of this dynasty, the city will become a port of critical importance in trade with Europe.

Geography & climate of the city of Safi:

South – West of the region of Doukkala Abda, Safi city is bounded on the North by the plains of Doukkala (province of El Jadida), to the North – is by the Highlands of Rhamnas (province of El kalaa Seraghna), on the Southeast by Chichaoua trays), to the South by the province of Essaouira and to the West by the Atlantic Ocean on a length of 150 Km.

Monuments & & tourist attractions of the city of Safi: the Medina and the Souk Street: grouping buildings of architecture and of different faiths, guaranteeing him an unparalleled charm. This is the most lively part of the city of Safi. Château de mer: this fortress of the 16th century. It is characteristic to be built almost on the water. Restored in 1963, its monumental gateway opens onto the Méchouar or place d’armes where you can admire a dozen old Spanish cannon. On the side of the bastion southwest of the castle of sea of Safi, lies Borj Eddar with its superb view panoramic ocean. The Portuguese Cathedral: first Gothic building in Africa, built by the Portuguese in 1419, destroyed by its builders on the order of King Emmanuel when they withdrew from the city. Only a chapel without arch and a heart were preserved. Dar Sultan: former residence of the sultans alawite, she served as protection for the city because of its position; Today it has been converted into a Museum (national Museum of ceramics) and its roof offers a beautiful panorama of the city of Safi. The world’s most biggest Tagine: a large tagine planted in the city centre of Safi. It is the largest in the world, which was presented to the public on July 10, 1999! It measures 6, 30metes of diameters and 4, height 5meters, decorated by the finest potters of the city artists. The Minaret of the great mosque, located in the medina of Safi, this minaret recalls by its decoration and its architectural form style Almohade. National Museum of the ceramics in Safi.
Cultural agenda of the city of Safi:

-Spring of Instruments to strings of Safi (in April or may).
-Festival International trance Atlantic of Safi and El Jadida (in June).
-Festival du film francophone de Safi (in July) “lights of Safi”.
-Festival des Arts Populaires of El Safi of IATA (in August).
-Festival of the Fantasia (in July).
-Festival of the town of Safi (end of July).

To visit in the surroundings of the town of Safi:

-The beaches of Souiria Lakdima, sidi bouzid, or Cap beddouza, beautiful beaches with in some places of the spots known for being good surf points, like Cap Beddouza with its long wave, the wave of safi.

-Commune Rurale de Sidi CHATURVEDI: 70 Km away from the town of Safi, the Royal des Gazelles reserve extends over an area of 1987hectares where 300 gazelles race “Dorcas” originating of the Haouz region are preserved. In the same town but to the South, at 103 Km of Safi, stands the mosque of Sidi CHATURVEDI and its minaret, which is undoubtedly one of the oldest monuments in the region of Safi, dating from the first century of the Hegira, VII century BC.

-The cave Charkarkar: 12 miles from Chemaia, the caves will delight lovers of speleology, with its galleries main and long side of 900 and 1400metres, at an altitude in places of 405metres, all decorated with sumptuous decoration of Lake Zima.

-The Gorani cave: located 27 miles north of Safi, lying next to the Cap Beddouza known for its beautiful beach. This cave is rich in cave historical remains and Neolithic clay objects.

-The town of Oualidia: 60 Kilometres of Safi, this city was founded by the sultan saadien El Ogg Ben Zidane Saadi, who gave it its name, is now renowned for its oysters, his hunting reserve and its seaside resort. Its beach stretches for 3km and offers a sublime setting.

-The city of Marrakech: 160 Km of Safi.

Photo Gallery of the city of Photos:

We have concocted you some pictures to give you an overview on Safi, the Pearl of the Doukka Abda region, to this address:

More practical information for you on the town of Safi:

-How to get there?

You can reach from the international airport of Marrakech and Casablanca, Safi Safi, you can take a taxi, request a transfer to your incoming Agency, or retrieve on-site car rentals…

-Where to stay?

Level accommodation, Safi has a good hotel capacity with its classified hotels of 1 to 5 stars, its guest houses and residences appart hotels, institutions all comfort for all budgets.

More info on our accommodation safi on this page!

Local gastronomy?

Level gastronomy, Safi, as any Moroccan town will enchant you with dishes very rich and varied, you can enjoy a Berber couscous, a tajine with olives, a Tagine of fish or even other dishes based on argan oil, olive oil or amlou. You will also enjoy local hospitality around a traditional mint tea and Moroccan pastries.

-On-site leisure activities?

On-site, guests have a wide range of leisure activities that can complement your stay, water sports (Jet Ski, surfing, fishing,…) other land-based activities (rides Quad rides on horseback or camel back, hiking,…).

More info on our activities & hobbies on Safi page!

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